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Solid Conditioner ~ Purple Conditioner

Our Purple shampoo and conditioner help keep the brass out of your hair without any strong dyes. We use natural purple clay to tone and beautiful jojoba protein to hydrate and protect.

Solid Hair Conditioner ~ Lola

Suitable for all hair types (especially oily/greasy)
Lola conditioner bar takes it a step higher to help out and protect your tresses all while infusing moisture and body into the hair shaft (yes, even greasy hair and skin that needs moisturising!)

Solid Hair Conditioner ~ Magenta Bloom

Suitable for Dry Hair/ Thick and Very Curly Hair If dry hair is the bane of your existence, then give this conditioner bar a try before you allow yourself to slither down into the pitfalls of doom & despair!

Solid Hair Conditioner ~ Talia

Suitable for Normal to Dry Hair Talia contains the amazing meadowfoam seed oil which hydrates the hair and the scalp like no other. Its effects are long lasting since the oil helps the hair retain moisture after conditioning. Another fantastic feature is that it helps with hair loss and dandruff issues.