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Shampoo & Shaving Bar ~ Adonis

Suitable for all skin types

Whether your guy needs the very basic of grooming care or he’s one of those, whose beauty cabinet puts you to shame; our Adonis bar will do the trick for every type of man on the spectrum.


Solid Shampoo ~ Lily

Suitable for greasy/oily hair Our mild Lily shampoo bar gets rid of excess oil without damaging the hair shaft or irritating the scalp. The star ingredient in this blend is French Green Clay that absorbs excess oil on the skin/scalp surface without causing any dryness or upsetting the fragile balance at the surface.

Solid Shampoo ~ Oceane

Suitable for all hair types This is our go to shampoo if you are unsure which one to use. Crafted with babies in mind with the most gentle and mild naturally derived ingredients used to leave your hair soft and silky without drying it out. The Oat Protein & Panthenol improves hair structure, adds lustre and moisturises.

Solid Shampoo ~ Pearl

Dandruff is making your life a nightmare, turning your perfect black collar and shoulders into a snow-dappled landscape?

Solid Shampoo ~ Purple Shampoo

Our Purple shampoo and conditioner help keep the brass out of your hair without any strong dyes. We use natural purple clay to tone and beautiful jojoba protein to hydrate and protect.

Solid Shampoo ~ Soraya

This is the STAR of all our shampoos. This delicious and delicate shampoo bar works to fortify, nourish, impart shine and promote hair cuticle repair.