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Q1.Why is pH balanced important for the skin

A. Healthy skin/scalp/hair is directly linked to maintaining the right balance between acidity and alkalinity.The lower numbers are considered more acidic and the higher numbers are alkaline. The skin is slightly on the acidic end and when the environment gets too alkaline, the skin becomes dry and sensitive which may lead to eczema.

A typical bar of soap is on the alkaline end, it tends to break up the acid in the skin, causing dryness. The ‘softer’ soap can reach on the lower alkaline end but it is still alkaline which is the reason why using a pH balanced product is more appropriate. The acidic layer helps your skin retain moisture and keeps germs out. A product with a pH level similar to the skin helps maintain the skin's fatty protective layer. Our products are soap free and pH neutral i.e. pH 7

Q2.Why is Amor Luminis shampoo bar different

A. Now that you understand the concept of pH balance. Amor Luminis shampoos and conditioners are different. Most shampoo bars are actually just a bar of soap. The problem with soap is that soap is highly alkaline and opens up the hair cuticle which is then left open to damage and drying.

Some people report good experiences with soap shampoos; yes it might be true but the fact remains that the alkalinity opens up the hair cuticle and dries up the skin/scalp.

Amor Luminis shampoos are surfactant based with the gentlest ingredients usually found in baby products. Our shampoos contain lots of goodies including clays and plant extracts.

Our approach is that a shampoo is meant to CLEAN the hair, we personally do not believe in 2 in 1 shampoos and those containing “nourishing oils”. The cleaning agents whether its surfactant or soap based is meant to get rid of oils generally to clean. Technically if oils are added to cleaning products it will just lessen the ‘effectiveness’ of the clean (i.e. there is more oils to get rid of).

Why does your hair need a proper clean – It is to get rid of all build up and keep the hair and scalp clean and healthy. If your shampoo is not effectively cleaning but only giving the impression of a good clean, your hair will in the end up damaged anyway without you realising it. Our shampoos are No Residue so use away. Your hair will not be stripped of its natural oils because we use only extremely gentle ingredients.

Ok we agree you still need some nourishment, so that’s why we turned to clays and plant extracts for that; they will provide nourishment without affecting the cleaning properties of the products. We expect you to feel clean hair after using our shampoos.

Q3.Does my hair need to get used to the shampoo

A. No, there is no detox period. Just use the shampoo as a normal shampoo, the only difference is that it’s solid and it’s concentrated. The mechanics of how you use the shampoo is different; i.e you need a container or a soap dish and you need to remember to keep it in a dry spot whether it be inside the shower or outside.

There is something about those concentrated bars that makes their effect better than bottled shampoo; you have to try to experience it.

Expect the shampoo to lather very well and we believe that you will have a professional quality shampoo experience.

Q4.Do I need a conditioner. What to expect?

A. Our shampoos are crafted in a way that you get optimal results by using them in tandem with our conditioners. Remember shampoo is for cleaning.

Do not expect the conditioner to foam or lather as it is does not contain any cleansing agent it is purely for nourishment/conditioning! But you will feel it acting on your hair! We believe that you will have a professional quality conditioner experience.

We offer 3 levels of moisturisation (Light, Medium, High). But because of the concentrated nature of the bar, you have to be careful not to use too much. A swipe or two (make sure it’s a swipe to cover ALL your hair) on wet hair, head under water for 2 seconds, massage on hair, you will then gage how much more you need. Remember start with a little and increase if more is required.

Q5.Why is SLS, SleS bad?

A. No they do not give you cancer, some businesses have been pushing the agenda to suit their business needs. See link from Cancer Council WA; https://www.cancerwa.asn.au/resources/cancermyths/toothpaste-cancer-myth/ destroying the myth. They are safe but they are harsh on your skin and hair this is why SLS and SLeS are ‘bad’ for you.

We have extremely sensitive skin and eczema, psoriasis prone skin in the Amor Luminis household with a long history of problem skin, so we made sure to formulate only with the gentlest ingredients available in the market.

Q6.Parabens & Preservatives

We have chosen to use a completely natural preservative to protect your shampoos and conditioners. We do not use parabens!


Our fragrances are phthalates free, body safe and biodegradable. We have chosen this over essential oils because of our own pregnancies and nursing period. However, if you do not want fragrances, we provide all our products without fragrances! (Stock is limited on those).

Why biodegradable

We have made sure that ALL the ingredients used for our products have been tested for their biodegradability i.e. it will not hurt the environment.

Q7.Why eco-friendly?

A. You get to save at least one litre of water with each shampoo or conditioner. (We won’t give you an exact amount in litres because we believe this is quite discretionary and potentially misleading)

So you save on at least one container by buying one of our shampoo or conditioner whether it is glass or plastic or any other. (We won’t give you an exact number of containers because we believe this is quite discretionary and potentially misleading)

You can use a container to keep your bars in, and keep reusing them with every bar.

We have made our best to source materials that will not perpetuate waste creation.

We have used sturdy boxes, made from recycled paper and which is also recyclable. Why have we done that? We are an online store and we still need to post products whether it’s in Australia and Overseas, our sturdy boxes means we can only wrap them and post without requiring additional packing materials. It also gives us control on how, where and what we source for postage.

We also wrap some products (especially those high in oils and butters) in compostable cello bags (made from wood pulp)! We considered the fact that we send our products worldwide and we are lucky in Perth to have great weather conditions but this is not the case in other countries. We want our customers to experience our products in its pristine state. However if you wish to receive your products without a compostable bag, please let us know we are more than happy to oblige.

We have also made sure that the ingredients are sustainably sourced! We will continue to assess how to get better with our packaging options.

Q8.Vegan & Cruelty Free

A. All our products sourced are derived from plants. We do not test on animals, only on ourselves and our willing group of testers. Please let us know if you want to test our products and we will let you know when we have new products ready for testing.

We are also certified Vegan & Cruelty Free