Amor Luminis is latin for ‘love & light’. We are here to help you kiss goodbye to plastic in your beauty routine, without compromising on quality.

Our ingredients are natural, organic and luxurious, carefully selected for their high quality and benefits, it's amazing what nature has provided us.

We are passionate about everything that we set our heart in. We have put our heart and soul in creating our solid products and no wonder they are one of a kind, the best you will find on the market. We hope you feel and experience our uniqueness!

Our products come in solid form. They are even better than what you would buy in a bottle with no transition period, they just look different, and are concentrated & lightweight. Don't be fooled by their size they are long lasting.

We are proud to present to you a range of haircare, skincare and baby care products of the highest quality with clean, toxin free and planet friendly ingredients which are naturally derived. The products are professionally formulated to be effective with a luxurious feel.

We are based in Perth, 100% Australian owned and made. We are certified Vegan and Cruelty free. No matter what, we give 1% of all sales to to help regreen our planet.

We are committed to continue a journey of exploration and discovery to find new luxury ingredients and improving all aspects of what we are already doing.