I always get asked the story behind AL, and I have always hesitated as the story is ongoing!

I am mum to Ishaaq (6) and Liyana (4); a lawyer by day (and night at times) and CPG (Chief Perseverance Gladiator) of Amor Luminis 24/7.  

Amor Luminis is latin for Love and Light, little did I know when I chose this name that it was going to be the light of my life for the dark times to come.

AL was an accident; I created some products as special gifts and things got out of hand and the business was launched.  The support that AL got for the products was extraordinary and I couldn’t let our supporters down. Very naively, I didn’t realise that shampoo bars were so popular and how hard it was to get natural, plastic free hair care that work!

Shortly after AL was launched, the dark times started, and the dark clouds are still hovering over me, but I have always been a fighter and I would never let myself or others down.

Amor Luminis became a refuge, a sanctuary where all the negativity around me was turned into love and it became the light of my life. I feel very grateful to have an extremely supportive family!

When things go bad in life, your approach determines whether you’ll be a winner or loser. I chose to help others in their path to be kinder to our Planet and that gives me so much happiness and a sense of purpose, where I am making a difference!

Keep spreading the love, the light will follow!


Tash Tourabaly